Killer ingredients

Our Kebab


At Killer Kebab, we normally run out of kebab sometime during the evening service.

This is because we marinate and build our own kebab every day.

Doing so allows us to ensure that our meat is fresh and up to our standards, but also means that we have a limited amount of kebab to sell. In other words, we prioritise quality over quantity.

The marination process begins the day before, when we patiently cover every slice of meat in our homemade yoghurt marinade, containing more than 15 herbs and spices.

The meat is then left to tenderise and soak up the flavours of the herbs and spices overnight, before we meticulously build the kebab layer by layer the following morning.

The process itself is not easy, and our kebabistas go through a rigorous training program before they are allowed to build their first kebab.

Our falafel


The secret behind the awesomeness of the Killer Falafel isn’t really a secret at all. It’s just parsley, loads of fresh, juicy parsley mixed with the perfect amount of fragrant spices.

That and the coarse quality of our falafel dough, containing whole and half chickpeas which adds a nutty flavour and a delightful chewiness to the finished product

Our kebabistas make the falafel dough by hand every day, before they roll it into balls and cook them to the satisfyingly krunchy finish that characterises true Killer Falafels.

Our bread 


At Killer Kebab, we believe that the bread should add delicious flavour and texture to your kebab or falafel eating experience, rather than simply being an eadible vessel in which to stuff condiments.

That’s why we serve our kebab and falafels in one of our homemade fluffy and freshly baked sourdough flatbreads.

The life of our flatbreads begins in the morning, when our kebabistas mix flour, water, salt and our very own sourdough strain in the perfect measures to ensure the end product has the right acidity and lightness.

The finished sourdough is then rolled into balls, before they are left to rise ever so slowly at room temperature.

When the balls have gained about twice their original size, they are refrigerated in order to slow down the fermentation process and thus allow their distinctive flavour to fully develop overnight.

The next day the balls are finally ready to be carefully rolled out and baked to perfection on one of our plancha grills.